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New glass store in Prague

Glass - E-shop Category description

In our Glass Studio we produced a lot of types and style of glasses, according to customer requirement. Historic glass – Forest green glass, also known as Gothic glass decorated with various glass ornaments. This type was already used by Charles IV and Rudolf II. This style was widely used in Renaissance and currently depending is very popular. Our assortment was upgraded with tin. Cast by tin, also called “montura” are replicas of the originals. Glasses and calyxes are also decorated with painting, line drawing, high enamel, drawing with different motives. On the glasses and calyxes also use decals, which replaces painting with simple decor in large batches. Glass or calyx can be used as promotional items with logos or souvenir cities. Can decorate decor sandblasted, engraved or brushed. Glasses and calyxes can be used routinely for daily use in all kinds of cold drinks. All this provides our e-shop or in our store  “Sklárna – prodejna skla” in Prague - Vršovice,  Moskevská 58.
Glass studio produces several types of vases historical and modern designed by designers. They are decorated with engraving, cutting, painting, sandblasting and other techniques of decorating glass. You can choose the color of the glass or a combination of useable for decorating. Vases can also be used as a gift, on which allows you to create a company logo, dedication and other motives for hunters, fishermen, firemen etc. Vases are on sale in several ways: e-shop, glass shop and our store “Sklárna – prodejna skla”.
Glass doses our studio makes in several shapes, colors and designs. This type of product has been included in the historic production of glass called forest green glass. Doses can be divided according to use: caddy, dose of medication and ointment, jars for sugar, candy and various sweets, coffee, but also as gifts with different kind of foods, dried flowers and stones.
Beer glass - Pint 
It is a glass that is used since the times of Gothic, which was called “Holba”. There are many techniques that are used in their manufacture. They are adorned with various fusions as forest glass, optical forms, each with decor that is imprinted on the glass. Pint is used extensively as a promotional item with placed logo, dedication sandblasting, engraving or decal. Pint is suitable as a souvenir or gift glass. Many pins are made as replicas of historic glass and also provide them with tin lids and “montura” that our glass studio makes by hand by casting tin replicas. In virtue of the better availability of this product, we decided to build e-shop and glass shop where the products are distributed to retail customers as well.
Glass studio manufactures many animals that are stylized, they are used as small gifts on various occasions. We can call it a glass gift. These are the birds, snails, giraffes, elephants, turtles, penguins, fish-angelfish and others.
Glass studio uses all decorative techniques known in the glass industry, in order to this product was always nice and gentle, because it is a product, which is used by women.
Glass studio manufactures jars for different purposes and uses. Glass has properties that are important for jars and irreplaceable. Jar is decorated optically,crackling, painting, engraving, grinding, sandblasting and with tin and tin lid. They also vary in shape and summary. Jars in history were produce in forest glass, art nouveau glass and other styles that can be seen and purchased at our e-shop and glass shop and Glass studio in Česká Lípa.
Decanters and Cruet bottles
Glass studio manufactures bottles by hand technique. We use the grinding of stoppers that there is a proper seal. They are for liquors, wines, and spirits. Bottles without stoppers are called decanters and used for red wine. Cruet bottle is with a nozzle and handle, to with a grind stopper. To gain more and more popularity, used at garden parties and local celebrations, belongs to every household equipment.
Glass studio produces replicas of historical glass from the forest glass - Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, until now, when the cups are mainly used as sports trophies. The Goblet was also called friendly, because there have been pictured cities in Europe and have become a popular as gift glass for tourists. We can produce many kinds of glass plaques that are also used as souvenirs, advertising and sports cups.
Bowls – Trays
Glass studio creates many shapes of bowls and trays for fruits and other foods. Metallurgic glass was a type of glass that is used for producing bowls and is still popular. Always this product was made of a large amount of glass and so it was very heavy and have better stability. Nowadays, it is not so producing. Hand-blown glass for these products is also used and is very popular, because of its uses of color combinations and various decorations as with any other type of hand glass. The trays are also one of the most beautiful and practical interior decoration.
Paperweights are designed to load paper so the paper do not fly away and nowadays are used as promotional items or gift glass for interior decoration. Glass studio uses manual work, glassmakersimagination and historical replicas, because there are plenty of colors and shapes to combine, thereby creating many variants using bubbles, metal scales, wire, cloth, on which are printed different images, where paperweight has magical powers. So each piece is original. Paperweights you can in glass shop in Prague and e-shop.
Kerosene lamps
Glass studio mainly produces kerosene and oil lamps, which are used a lot of shapes from the archive of closed glass studios that we have acquired. Kerosene lamps are an exact replica. The range includes lamps with glass legs, but also with feet of tin from the original, which is the artistic castings. Painted, engraved. Kerosene lamp is provided with a burner which allows burning wick and kerosene. The containers or basins have different colors, shapes and decors of tin. The cylinder is made of glass simax  (high temperature proof), to prevent rupture during burning. Lampshade makes our glass studio from forest glass, opal glass and stained glass.
Slumped glass - Fusing
Glass studio manufactures it marginally and uses its shards. These are bowls, candlesticks and other products. We slumped even bottles that are used as promotional items and souvenirs. Sands logos on them, PF, anniversaries etc. With this technique is also produced jewelry that we sell on e-shop and shop in Prague.
Garden decorations
With producing of garden decorations began our glassworks since its foundation, because it is a souvenir glass, which brightens any garden. Products are as fence decoration - balls of different colors and optics, but also in the shape of animals. Garden decorations are also a glass feeder, which has a large reservoir, drinking fountains for birds, garden sculpture and objects. Sale at e-shop and shop in Prague 10, Moskevská  58. We perform even large objects that are used to decorate gardens and parks.
Glass studio creates many shapes of ashtrays not only for cigarettes but also for cigars. Metallurgic glass was a type of glass that was used for the production of ashtrays, vases, bowls and is still popular. Always this product was made of a large amount of glass so that is very heavy and have stability. Nowadays is it not so produced.
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